This Is Vegan Foods is on a mission to bring delicious vegan food to those who care about the impact of what they eat, and provide great alternatives to those with allergies to dairy, nuts, and gluten.

Many people struggle to give up dairy cheese because they miss the taste, melt, and texture hard to find in other vegan cheese alternatives.

With This Is Vegan, you don’t have to miss it!

This Is Vegan Foods started in 2012 when I made the jump from vegetarian to vegan. After trying the vegan cheese alternatives available back then, I thought there had to be something better. Something that would melt. Something that would brown. Something that would taste like what I had grown up eating. I was happy to go vegan, giving up dairy cheese and everything that goes with it, but I still really wanted a great pizza!

I started researching all the different ways to make vegan cheese alternatives, mixing, matching, and experimenting until I found just the right recipes. When I made that first batch of vegan Mozzarella, I thought it was a miracle! After I shredded it and baked up my first vegan pizza, I knew it was! I was a believer, and I wanted to let everyone know about what I had found.

I started making Mozzarella and other flavors like Dill Havarti for family and friends, vegan and non-vegan. I kept tweaking the recipes based on what my taste-testers told me, and I still do. The more I made, the better it got, and I started branching out into all the other foods and flavors I offer today.

Now I have This Is Vegan Foods to continue to spread the word, to share and to show that you don’t have to eat dairy to enjoy great texture and taste. You can be vegan and still make a great pizza! You don’t have to miss it!


Owner, This Is Vegan Foods